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The Paleo Diet is a Good Option to Ease Joint Pain

DietIn a nutshell, the Paleo diet is an effort to eat the way we used to. That is, way back when humans couldn’t farm. Instead we ate what we could hunt, or find. This means replacing our usual carbohydrate staples of bread, rice or pasta to meat, vegetables and seasonal fruits.
However, carbs are not the only food group that is discouraged for this diet. Other types of food like dairy products, processed food, and legumes are some of the established no-no for Paleo, and these are exactly the food types that cause painful joint pains or arthritis flare ups.
Numerous research support the theory that the Paleo diet can help ease joint pain because of the food groups prohibited from the diet. Gluten for example, which is found in bread are often the culprit of joint pains. And those who already have arthritis are encouraged to take in a gluten-free diet.
Processed food on the other hand, like canned fruits, soda, chips or sugar coated cereals contain trans-fasts, high fructose and salt which promotes the inflammation of the joints. Even the innocent dairy products contribute to joint pain. High-fat dairy food contains a compound called purine. This compound converts into uric acid, which in turn, form crystals that settle in the joints causing pain in the joint area.
There is some supposition that Viagra can have a good impact on your joint pain as it is like a pain killer and antidepressant. In reality this fact is not finally proved, but it can be a good option to treat joint pain.
Apart from the possibility of easing joint pains, the Paleo diet has roused up many other questions. One of which is, with that much carbohydrates taken out of our diets, where will our energy come from? This shouldn’t be a concern however, because while certain carbohydrates are discouraged, there are other sources such as vegetables, fruits and sweet potatoes. These types of food require minimal processing, unlike grains and are therefore, healthier.
The same goes for the other types of food taken out because of the Paleo diet. You are left with many alternative nutrient sources such as tubers, fruits, fowl, grass-fed meat, natural oils, eggs and many more.
Another major reason why the Paleo diet can help ease joint pain is because with this diet, you are sure to lose weight. One of the major reasons for joint pain is because increase in weight adds pressure to our joints. A weight difference of extra 15 pounds of body weight is increased 3 times when walking. That means there is an extra 45 pound pressure felt by our knees and joints.
It’s never easy to start a new diet, especially if you have to give up on certain food that you have grown up with. However, if you are suffering from extreme joint pain, there is no harm in trying the Paleo diet, and observing changes in your overall health condition.


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